A downloadable tool for Windows

this is a fanmade version of c++ the language.

in b++ is like .bat but upgraded from b to b++.

it can do more than normal batch by producing visual sprites and tiles.

Authorpixel games


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No. B is already a language, it is not like Batch at all.

Batch is not programming. Batch is meant for writing simple commands to run programs and the such. It is not coding, let alone programming.

Batch and C++ are completely different, other than you can get a computer to do things. Batch is not compiled, there are no libraries and it is extremely innefficient. C and C++ are compiled, and unlike batch, people actually write programs using them.

No. Just no.

Edit: And even ignoring that, it does not warrant "++". It is at best, a very small "coding" library.

How do you use it?

you use commands like :newtile and :newsprite,and;new control

you also use normal batch programming to

to what?